Friday, April 4, 2014

Still reeling.... of how many posts I made last week!!! Yeah I know it wasn't a lot, but I was super pumped up for the previous post that I sat back and watched what people said. I was surprised by just how positive people (aka friends) were. Some people said they were proud, one said I was inspiring and another said she felt the exact same way; I honestly didn't expect any of that, but it was surprising and nice.

To make a quick post, I posted this photo on Instagram this past week:

And I tagged Lane Bryant...and again they hearted my picture!!! (Yeah I know it's not called "hearted" but it's kinda what it is.....) I seriously get so excited when certain people like my photos. Anyway, this is a long sleeve, medium length sweater dress from LB and, while a tiny bit big for me, I love it and I kinda want to wear it once a week. I wore it with black leggings and medium blue shoes from Payless. Also, these *awesome* (<--SARCASM) photos happened. I'm still so entertained that Google puts these together.