Monday, January 5, 2015

A new year and new stuff

Hey ya'll! Wha'd you do for new years? Dress up and party? Kiss someone at midnight? Go to a friends house and party? I did neither of those and it was by choice. I was freakin' TIRED and, since I have a new puppy, I feel pretty obligated to be home every night. But next year will be different. Next year, I'm actually going to do something; I don't know what it is, but since I've never really "gone out" for new years, it'll be different come 2016.

Anyway, I'm not big into new year's resolutions, since most are broken by March, but I am always into improving myself and doing things to improve my life. My biggest issue is sticking to it; I'm not a good sticker and I have a history of starting things full-force, with determination to be the BEST!!!.....and then I fall back and give up. It's too much for me and if I'm not happy doing something, I am fucking miserable. I need to find a happy medium in life and I need to do it soon. So, since I have my puppy, Sinatra, I think this would be the best push to do something I've really never done before: gradually eat better plus moderate exercise. What a freakin' concept, right?

Once he gets his shots and I'm able to take him out in the world, I've vowed to take him out for a walk in the morning and evening. We also live across the street from a park (it's not a dog park, per say, but people always take their dogs there) and I'll be taking him there to run around, too. Along with trying to have a happy, healthy, outgoing and socialized dog, will be me, adding more fruits and vegetables to my diet. Don't get me wrong, I LOVE this stuff, I just don't often eat it and I'm not sure why. But, truth be told, I'm getting older (turning 31 in a few days!) and I'm noticing things about my body that shouldn't be happening at this age and I think it's my weight. I need to change it and soon.

All that being said, I need to think about getting serious with certain aspects of my life. Because I'm single, and probably forever will be, I need to be better financially prepared as I am looking forward to moving out the hell-hole that is Sacramento, CA. I'd like to move to the Reno, NV area in a year or two and saving, plus down-sizing is the smartest thing to do. I am planning to finish my projects this year....I also want to learn how to crochet better. Finishing my projects means I can get rid of stuff, make room for storage crap and possibly make a couple dollars on the things I make (I'm not lookin' to get crazy and opening an Etsy store, though I have thought about it in the past).

This post is long...
Anyway, I did do one thing on New Years, besides fall asleep on the couch from 8-9, A co-worker, whose birthday is 12/31, has been saying for months that she wanted to have a party at work because it's difficult for her to celebrate her birthday, since every); so I decided to throw her a party!

 I got the party hat ideas from Oh Happy Day via Pinterest. 

I just wanted to do something, since I know how it feels to a) not have a birthday party and b) have a sub-par party. We also had a mini-potluck; it was a good day!

 Birthday girl is center and with the biggest hat!!