Tuesday, December 30, 2014

A (baby) Puppy Shower!!

 Meet Sinatra

I've been a bit MIA for a while and I have no real reason, besides that I've been working a lot.
After finishing my second/temporary job in mid-November, I played catch up on things (laundry, laying around past 6am, Criminal Minds, cleaning), and I decided to get a puppy! I already have 2 cats and have been wanting to get a dog for some time, but I just didn't feel the timing was right. In all honesty, the timing may not be right now, but I'm in a good house, with a nice roommate and am now financially able to support another mouth.

The idea for a puppy party came from one of my best friends, Sarah, and it was at first meant as a joke.
You know:
"Oh Sheena, we should have a baby shower for your up-coming baby!"
"Hahah, that would be funny!"
"No really Sheena, we're having a puppy party for you."

That's a condensed version of the conversation. Srsly.

We played 2 games, had puppy-themed food and then I opened presents! It was seriously so much fun.
Games played: 
Word scrabble (all were dog-themed)
Some DOGgone Good Songs (songs with the word "Dog" in the title)
Anyway, my friend Sarah did such an amazing job and I am super lucky to have a friend like her. Also, a BIG FREAKIN THANKS!!! to mah girl Joey from Pretty, Nerdy Girl for taking amazing photos!

These bone chips are made of tortillas and were cut out using a cookie cutter.

The BEST dip ever!!

 Best picture EVER

The host and creator of the party

I picked Sinatra up 1 week later and I was fully prepared! Sorta....I had all the material things I need to keep him busy, but wasn't prepared to take him out every hour to pee.  I also wasn't prepared for the amount of leaves and grass he likes to eat.

 The grass in his mouth is a common thing.

 This is what we wore for Christmas. We both slept, ate and played all day!!

It's easy to get tired while modeling.