Saturday, September 6, 2014

No Netflix August....a success?

I suppose no Netflix August could be considered a success, if you consider the Vietnam war a success.

I always set these goals as high as Kilimanjaro, but I usually achieve a height of a curb....or 2 steps. The pipe dreams of me having a clean home, reading books and getting stuff done was just as solid as a cloud and I'm pretty disappointed in myself; especially considering that I have no idea what I did the whole month. I also had this epic list of shit to get done, as posted on my last post....and the ones in red are the ones I finished:

      -Edit at least 4,000 photos
      -Add R2D2 patch to black shirt
      -Repair other black shirt and chonies
      -Add sleeves to blue shirt
      -Dye white skirt-->red
      -Dye white cardigan--->not white. Whatever color, just not white.
      -Make a skirt from that awesome blue fabric you bought a year ago
      -Fix the dress your mother talked you into making much bigger than you really are
      -Make shell...things (curtains? wind chimes? wall hangy thingies?)
      -Start scrap quilt
      -Start on re-quilting old comforter
      -Finish all flower accessories and then give them away
      -Mail flowers to Misty (I'm sorry Misty...I seriously am)
      -Paint something on blue shirt
      -Repaint red shoes
      -Hang mirror on the wall that keeps trying to commit suicide by falling off the closet door
      -Put beta tank together
      -Buy beta, put into beta tank
      -Take photos of all those amazing things you see around town and Sacramento
      -Take at least one out of town trip

I'm not good at finishing things.

I honestly only had 3 times that I cheated and I noticed it was days where I came home late, SUPER tired (physically) and sat down to relieve my back. I would then bring up Netflix in an attempt to watch something before bed (IE: fall asleep to in 5min time) and ended up staying in my positions because I was just SO TIRED. Once I remembered what month it was, I paused it, put my jammies on and proceeded to restart it, then crawl into bed.

So what did I get done?

I went to a birthday party for my friend Nicole:
 Our friend Nation not being weird about cutting the cake

And I made this skirt for the party!! Also the green orchids!

My mom and I went to Santa Cruz!

A couple friends and I went to a painting class/thing in Sacramento!!

Honestly, I did other things, but I mostly worked, cooked, did some cleaning. I'm actually disappointed in what I didn't get done and I know I can do better...I'm just tired. And I also went to the shitty Target again. And Avenue. But we'll get back to that later.
Tonight I'm tired and I have a to wake up early tomorrow.

Also....scarf found at thrift store. SCORE FOR SHEENA!!!