Thursday, July 31, 2014

No Netflix August!!

So lately, I've noticed I haven't done anything. Seriously, anything.

I come home from work, turn on the computer, pee, change into comfy clothes, sit down in front of the computer with a master plan of editing some 20,553 photos I have on my computer, reorganizing bookmarks, and blogging. What I do is sit down, watch Netflix while doing a few other things (mainly tinkering) and nothing else. I'll even skip dinner if I lose track of time. So I've come up with a plan and rules to this plan...and this plan is called "No Netflix August."

I am really hoping to get some reading done, listen to a lot of music I've downloaded, edit AT LEAST 4,000 photos, clean and get some exercise done. I have images of my room, kitchen, bathroom and livingroom being perfectly clean. My car will be clean, my gardening won't be half-assed and all my laundry will be cleaned and put away almost instantly. I imagine myself feeling better after reading my new book, Beautiful You, and the 2 other books I've purchased which has to do with the same topic. I'm actually excited about this and below are my rules for myself, which I cannot break.

Rules of No Netflix August
1. No Netflix
2. While creating projects which involves hands and no mind (see below), Netflix is allowed, though no more than a 2hr time period.
3. Projects to finish (this shit is no joke):
      -Edit at least 4,000 photos
      -Add R2D2 patch to black shirt
      -Repair other black shirt and chonies
      -Add sleeves to blue shirt
      -Dye white skirt-->red
      -Dye white cardigan--->not white. Whatever color, just not white.
      -Make a skirt from that awesome blue fabric you bought a year ago
      -Fix the dress your mother talked you into making much bigger than you really are
      -Make shell...things (curtains? wind chimes? wall hangy thingies?)
      -Start scrap quilt
      -Start on re-quilting old comforter
      -Finish all flower accessories and then give them away
      -Mail flowers to Misty (I'm sorry Misty...I seriously am)
      -Paint something on blue shirt
      -Repaint red shoes
      -Hang mirror on the wall that keeps trying to commit suicide by falling off the closet door
      -Put beta tank together
      -Buy beta, put into beta tank
      -Take photos of all those amazing things you see around town and Sacramento
      -Take at least one out of town trip
4. The projects where I use my hands (sewing, painting, etc), Netflix is allowed to be on, but no more than a 2hr time frame
5. Making projects cannot be an excuse to watch Family Guy or American Dad again
6. Get back onto Khan Academy
7. Get your Spanish software back from your sister. Learn some damn Spanish.
8. For the first 7 days of August, make it to 4,000 steps a day, continue increasing by 500 each week
9. Start yoga. Who cares if you're too fat?
10.Get to bed around 10pm

I'll be adding more, but you get the idea, right?