Friday, December 26, 2014

Target may possibly be redeemed...

I stopped by Target about 2 months ago, took photos, got pissed and left. I then came home, feverishly typed up this "long" post and proceeded to make dinner, save the draft and promptly forget about it. Since I feel these photos are **MAGIC** I felt the need to post them.

I just can't stay away from Target. I love you so much Target, but sometimes you're mean to me.

Target has a *few* plus size clothes available in the 4 (FOUR) stores I've stopped by in the last 7 days. There is mostly winter clothes and a few heavier business-types cloths (skirts that are more suited for an office or cooler temperatures), plus a few items on clearance. Determined to find another dress (because I want to have 100 in my collection one day), I picked up 8 items and headed to the dressing rooms. It went...OK.

 First, lemme just say that the rack shown, the one behind it and the one peaking to the right were the ONLY racks that had clothes on it. There were some on the backwall (maybe 8 spots), but that was about it. There was also one half rack on clearance.

By the way, WHY DOESN'T TARGET MAKE THIS FOR FAT WOMEN?!?! Seriously, why? Do they think that all fat women are super serious and business-like? Or maybe they think all fat women are over 40 and wouldn't find this awesome? If they think ANY of this shit....they're just stupid. I don't know what else to say about this. I wanted to buy this shirt, though.
 Shirt size: holy shit I need a burger

This top, while you can't see the color, was a really pretty plumb color and I wanted it. Unfortunately, it was a bit baggy around the bewbs and didn't really fit my hips. I'm always surprised about these types of tops because I would expect to see more that taper down towards the bottom, but this one was cut the same on top as on bottom. Oh well, it'll never be, beautiful top.

Now THIS one.....I totally wanted to fit. It's a regular-lengthed skirt, but I wanted to be fancy, so I hiked it up over this tight-fitting-on-my-arms-top. I had this vision of myself looking as fabulous as:
Inez  @ Style Chic 360

Thamarr Guerrier @ Musings of a Curvy Lady

Aaaaand this is the outcome...


I look pregnant....and 2-tiered. A 2-tiered pregnancy.

I tried on another pattern, hoping that I would fall in love and live in blissful, stylish comfort. The photos really don't accurately depict it, but it looked like a table cloth on me and made me look wider.

FYI, I usually stand in the mirror, take copious amounts of photos, and mouth "no" a lot.

At another Target later that day, I took my chance on a wrap dress. I figured that since so many other plus women wear these, and looks stellar in them, I should too!! Fucking wrong. I guess I should have thought "Hey, if I would like to show everyone all the minuet flaws amount my body, I should wear a wrap dress!!"
The ass just did NOT look good.

I decided to try on a strapless black dress with lace panels in the bottom. I was SO HOPING this would look good, but, since the fabric hugged every valley of my, not so much. Believe it or not, the dress fit very well, but because of the fabric, it looks like it was too small.
I made this in an effort to show just how obvious it showed all of my body. I was bummed.

As I picked up this last one, I thought "Why the fuck not?" Secretly hoping it'd look good, I was sorely disappointed. I REALLY watched this to go on super sale so that I could make it into a shirt, but Target never posted a 75% off price. Saddness. Again, this dress was made of similar material as the black one and wrap dress.

See? Looks good as a tank top, right?
Another final chance on a skirt with a SUPER SHORT under skirt and my optimism low....I was pleasantly surprised. I LOVE this skirt so much!! I love how it gives a hint of my fat legs and a reason to actually shave my legs past my knees. I think it's rather flattering on me and I'm pretty much proud of this purchase.


I like how it stays level to the floor while my ass jiggles!