Monday, July 21, 2014

I officially hate Avenue

I  was hoping to find a new dress for a family reunion that went on a few weeks ago. I wanted to look nice and feminine, but casual, etc. So I went to a different Avenue that I haven't shopped at before, thinking this one would have more/better choices because it's bigger than the one I usually go to. This time, I didn't leave pissed, I left sad and ended up crying on the way home.

As previously stated, I can't stand when sizes aren't consistent and this visit was disappointing on many levels. I actually didn't get pissed at all, I was just upset (more on that below).

Below each photo, will be a small description and size....just to show you how shitty things went.

Size: 26/28
I have this dress in blue, in the same size, and it DOESN'T look like this. I LOVE this color and trying this on was a big step for me, as bright colors scare the shit out of me. Why do they? Because they show off every curve, roll, cottage cheese and imperfection on your imperfect body. I was actually really sad this looked terrible on me.

Size: 26/28
Another chance taken as I don't do random patterns (patterns that aren't consistent). I was seriously hoping this dress looked good on me and it fit fine! In fact, at first glance, it looks OK, but then you see the gif below and you can see how much the material hugs each valley and canyon of my body. Not good.

 Size: 22/24
Fucking seriously? I go a size down and it's big AND revealing around the mid-section?? This was when I was starting to get upset. This dress was SUPER big around the boobs and back, plus the material was clingy on the dress part. Avoid this dress. It looks really cute on the hanger, but not cute on you (or could just be me).

Size: 22/24
This is my "I'm done" face. The straps fell to the side the second I put it on, and this is exactly what it looked like. Why the fuck can't this place have consistent sizes? This blows my mind. As plus size women, we pay out of the ass for every day clothes that thinner women pay a quarter for, and Avenue can't even keep things streamlined?? Is it too hard to ask that everything be the same on the sizes?

Why did I drive home crying? I'm so TIRED of this. I'm tired of hunting for clothes, I'm tired of paying $40-$70 for jeans and not having any other options. I'm tired of passing by stores that I can't fit in. I'm tired of going to Target and seeing their 96 racks of skinny sizes and only 4 of plus sizes. I'm tired of feeling less-than in my life and I don't like it when retailers pile that feeling on for me. Unless I really need clothes, I'm not going shopping anymore. I'm done with this and I feel like shit because of it. I wish that I could go shopping and be excited of what I found in an hour (like a thinner woman does). Instead, I (could) spend 6+hrs, 5 stores and $200 to get a pair of jeans, 2 shirts and maybe a bra. I'm just tired of feeling seperate and not good enough, so I'm done with this.

I already feel bad about myself in general, why do I need retailers, that are supposed to tailer themselves for fat women, to make me feel the same?